Solløsgata 9, 11 og 13, Hagatjernveien 8A og C, Malergata 11, Mjøndalen Share:

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From NOK 1.790 000   To NOK 11. 490.000


46,6 – 158 m2



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When we built Stadionkvartalet, we wanted to create a place where residents wanted to stay. For a long time. Perhaps the rest of their lives. That meant we had to be innovative. Find new solutions to old challenges. And to do some things that no developer has done before us.

For many people who are used to living in a detached house, moving into an apartment means giving up some things. Sometimes it is a garden, but usually it means space. Space to practise a hobby, space where they can clean the car, space to put up guests for the night, space to hold large parties, and space enough to live like they are used to. In Stadionkvartalet we have solved these challenges and we believe that you cannot live smarter. Not in Mjøndalen, not in Buskerud, not anywhere in Norway.

Stadionkvartalet is centrally located 5 minutes away from shopping, with a primary school just over the road. A football stadium, sports hall and large training halls can be found almost outside your living room window. 15 minutes by car to Drammen, just an hour to Oslo.

The apartments are beautiful; there is no doubt about that. Stadionkvartalet also has a garage with a lift up to the apartments and an entrance that stays snow-free all winter. You will have space to wash your car and change tyres. And access to a trailer when you need it. Stadionkvartalet even has its own car pool from which residents can rent cars at favourable prices. But it doesn't stop there.

Residents also have their own well-equipped carpentry room, ski waxing room and bicycle room. A sewing room, function room, library and even a guest apartment.

Therefore, it is not without reason that we say that Stadionkvartalet is about a lot more than buying an apartment. We have built in a number of comfort factors that open the way to new opportunities and help to simplify everyday life for all residents. And when we hear the feedback from the residents, we know we have succeeded.


Håvard Wilhelmsen

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