Vestaksen’s own concept for living comfort, well-being and a good neighbourhood.

BO2  is our response to the quality of living requirements of today and tomorrow. Whether you are a homebuyer with a long history of detached homes behind you, coming from a smaller apartment or buying your first home, you'll be 100% satisfied with your new home. With BO2 our ambition is to lift homebuilding to a new level.

BO2  means that we build a number of comfort factors into all of our housing projects. You should never have to feel that your apartment is limiting your opportunities to cultivate a hobby or interest. On the contrary – our projects are intended to open up new opportunities and contribute to a simpler, more pleasant everyday life for all residents.

The BO2 features that are right, important and desirable to integrate into the various projects will vary.

Seasonal wardrobes

A seasonal wardrobe is an extra deep wardrobe where the clothes you are not using can hang in peace at the back. When the weather changes, summer and winter clothes switch place and you have one less storage problem.

Guest apartment

A fully-equipped apartment with space for four overnight guests, a kitchen and a pleasant bathroom. Your extra bedroom at a symbolic rental price.


Function room and library

A fully-equipped function room with kitchenette, crockery and everything you need to accommodate more guests than your apartment allows. When the function room is not being used for parties, it can be used as a library and communal room for all of the residents.

Sewing room

How many apartment buildings can offer a separate sewing room? We can. Real sewing machines, cutting tables and loads of equipment, fabrics and books on almost everything about sewing and needlework. All you need is to be able to sew.

Hobby room

A fully-equipped hobby room with benches and a good selection of power tools and hand tools. A good workspace for realising your carpentry dreams. Equipped with a waxing stand for skis so waxing your skis on the kitchen counter becomes a thing of the past.

Cars, garage and trailer

Spacious room in the garage reserved for washing and cleaning your car. High-pressure washer and vacuum cleaner available for loan. Affordable car hire always available for the residents. Free trailers available for your use.


Communal greenhouse for growing vegetables, ornamental flowers and herbs. How nice would it be to go out into the greenhouse and get fresh oregano for your pizza? With your a private greenhouse available to all residents, everyone can flex their green thumbs.