Kobbervikdalen "Storcash"

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Kobbervikdalen is an established industrial and residential area in Drammen which is still undergoing development.

Kobbervikdalen is a large commercial area running alongside the E18 south of Drammen. We owned three plots here to start with, one of which has now been sold to Oslo Finans AS and houses Storcash Buskerud. We now have two very central plots of 8,420 sq.m. and 7,890 sq.m., respectively, here ready for further development. These offer many exciting opportunities for businesses involved in catering, service, storage or logistics, as well as for the development of combination buildings with office space. 

The site is strategically located next to the E18, with exits from both directions. From the E18’s on-ramp in Drammen, it is 5 km to the properties. On average, 31,500 vehicles pass the site every day on the E18, 12% of which are transport/logistics vehicles. There is bus stop nearby.

Please contact us to talk about a development partnership. We will tailor future-oriented solutions to your needs.


Morten Hotvedt

Petter Warloff Berger