About us

Vestaksen Eiendom is a young real estate company located in Drammen. We build and develop apartments and commercial buildings/parks in the Drammen-Oslo axis via the Eiker municipalities to Kongsberg.

Vestaksen Eiendom is a well-run and innovative real estate company that focuses heavily on the environment. This is reflected in the development of both our commercial properties and our homes. We build for the future. The world's environmental challenges require more than after-dinner speeches. That is why we have developed and built the country's most eco-friendly superstore for commercial actors – Storcash in Kobbervikdalen – with its more than 1,400 square metres of solar cells. That is why we build homes with excellent eco-friendly, communal solutions.

When we built our first homes just a few years ago, we quickly discovered that the market was more than ready for an innovative actor.


We are realising dreams

We started by asking ourselves “How can we best fulfil Norwegians' housing dreams within the confines of an apartment?” The answer was simple: We will realise their dreams. And we will also make them modern and eco-friendly as well.

This means that we have to dare to challenge some established truths, and that we have to be responsive to what the homebuyers of the future want.

First and foremost, it means good communal solutions instead of costly individual solutions. That may sound simple, but nonetheless no one has done it before us.

So we got to work. We built our first homes in which we offered homebuyers apartments with the same quality and content as detached homes. Apartments with communal carpentry rooms, ski storage rooms and washing space for cars in the garage. With a separate communal guest apartment. With a car pool, function room and library available.

What will our next housing projects contain? A swimming pool? A restaurant? A kindergarten? We are open to suggestions.

The only thing we are sure of is that the future belongs to those who dare to think differently and innovate.